Vherity Freehand

A young, disrespectful doppelganger


After she and her twin brother Vhalak were bought as slaves by the Black Spider in the underdark, Vyerith was put to work as a go-between to supervise the several facets of the Spider’s operations. At some point he became enamored with the drow disguise he coerced her to take, and gifted her the Glass Brooch of Shielding.

Prior to Ander gaining the Glass Ring of Mind Shielding, Vyerith read the bard’s mind and saw them landing the killing blow to her brother. She tailed the party back to Phandalin where she tried to get her revenge, only to be foiled by Sildar.

The party caught up to Vyerith when she was held captive by orcs. They kept her alive in exchange for her information about the mine and the Black Spider. Vyerith remained on the surface without incident after Sildar offered her a deal, while the party delved the mine. She was happy to see her master had been slain.

Months later, Vyerith reappeared under the new identity of Vherity Freehand, half-elf agent of the Lord’s Alliance. Sildar had taken her on as a protege to allow her to atone for her deeds in service of the Black Spider.

Vherity Freehand

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