Sildar Hallwinter

A lifelong servant of the Lord's Alliance


Sildar is a proud, kind man in his 50’s, looking to ensure a legacy in service to the Lord’s Alliance. He is seasoned, but battle worn, noble but naive, fierce but merciful.

He prefers to act as a representative and organizer for the Lord’s Alliance these days, but brings his longsword, gryphon emblazoned shield, and heavy crossbow to battle when needed.


Sildar Hallwinter served as a soldier in Waterdeep, distinguishing himself enough to become part of the famous flying Gryphon Cavalry. He was a strong defender of the City of Splendors for many years before the physical toll maybe it to difficult for him to ride.

Dagult Neverember selected Sildar to go with him on his mission to restore Neverwinter, and has charged him with furthering the goals of the Lord’s Alliance throughout the region.

The party met him tied up and badly beaten in a goblin cave, after he had been ambushed while accompanying Gundren Rockseeker down to Phandalin. Once there, he was saddened to discover his associate Iarno Albrek had betrayed the Lord’s Alliance.

Sildar Hallwinter

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