Scump McGillicuddy

A gabby old timer with a cart. Awful at cooking.


“How y’all doin!”

A wiry old human with tufts of silver hair, Scump’s business is being in the right place at the right time. He’s arranged twice to have the party accompany him on his deliveries across the rough and tumble Sword Coast, and seems to know somebody in every town. He’s affable and talkative, to a fault, and is always quick to offer his friends a seat in his wagon and some baked goods for the road. Unfortunately, all of Scump’s cooking is singularly unpalatable. It’s still food, but only technically.


Scump McGillicuddy once owned a franchise of country dining establishments throughout the Sword Coast, but they have all failed over the years. He now uses his extensive connections and knowledge of the region to deliver special packages for his clients. Despite his unassuming nature, he always makes his deliveries on time.

Scump McGillicuddy

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