Gundren Rockseeker

A dwarven miner and entrepreneur with a legendary inheritance


Gundren is a shrewd and focused dwarf who knows when he’s got something good on his hands. A dwarf commoner, Gundren is the middle of the Rockseeker brothers, 120 years old, rugged and active.


Proud, jovial, an entrepreneur. Thinks highly of his abilities as a miner and surveyor, isn’t wrong about them. His family is without a stable clan or home ever since Phandelver was destroyed 500 years ago. As such, he cares deeply about family, both his family name and his living brothers.

His mottoes are, don’t leave money on the table, and make the best of any situation. Unfortunately, this means he often cannot pass up an opportunity to gain riches or grow his business operation. He can also be a little sticky-fingered around treasure.

He now operates Phandelver with his older brother Nundro and his niece Mistria Rockseekre. His deceased younger brother is remembered in the Tharden Rockseeker Memorial Cafeteria.

Gundren Rockseeker

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